Butter Cow at the Illinois State Fair

Butter Cow at the Illinois State Fair

This is the 90th year that the butter cow is gracing the Illinois State Fair. Sharon Bumen from New York has been sculpting the cow for the last eight years and six years ago they created this cooler in the round for visitors to enjoy. Dairy Building Superintendent Marla Behrends shared that before when Sharon would work that she would sculpt as beautifully behind the cow as in front. Now visitors can enjoy the entire sculpture.

Bumen will be sculpting completing the butter cow and the final result will be completed on Tuesday. Visitors to the fair can watch her work her art until that time. The butter cow is a tradition at the Illinois State Fair. Everyone enjoys viewing the cow before sampling a dairy treat. The Illinois State Fair runs August 9-19. Children making homeade birthday cards may win a dairy treat. Create your own tradition at this year’s Illinois State Fair where the motto is Family Fun for Everyone!

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  1. Kate

    OMGOSH! That is insane!! Is there a truck-load of biscuits to go with the butter??

    1. Traveling Adventures of a Farm Girl

      Can you believe it! Prairie Farms dontaes the butter for this sculpture.