Planning Ahead

Planning Ahead

Most everyone loves Willie Nelson and many like I do love his song, “On the Road Again”. While the past day or so in Central Illinois leaves little to be desired with the below zero wind chill for heading out, this is the perfect time to plan ahead. Every January while most are making their New Year’s resolutions about fitness or perfecting their backswing, my focus is on “Where to go next”.

Sitting by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate and my trusty of black calendar that my kids make fun of, I start to carve out the who, what, when and where for 2014. Planning ahead is often key to ensuring hotel rooms, no conflict with other activities or just making sure you don’t forget! Keith and I try to think about what tractor shows we would like to go to and where we need to be for stories. In February there is the Gateway Farm Show, the Florida Flywheelers and this March the Gathering of the Green and the Sublette Toy Show just to name a few!

There are so many places on my bucket list this time of year I like to dream about what I can accomplish and what I can learn. Every place has so much history, culture and of course great food that I anticipate a great run for the New Year. Every time we head out we find something about each place that makes us want to come back, (or occasionally stay away).

I enjoy sharing the places and finds on this blogsite and hope you enjoy reading them as well! Stay warm, and take a few minutes to plan your upcoming getaways.

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