A conference or two?

One great way to keep busy during the winter is to attend a conference about something that interests you. This past week I have been at the Illinois Specialty Conference and learned all about vegetables and fruits and marketing which I will be covering for Farm World. It is amazing to see what an organic farmer can do with a small piece of land. The main speaker yesterday was a gentleman from Maine who had converted the New England rocky soil into a plant oasis where with the help of his innovative ideas (green houses, plastic coverings etc.) he literally offers vegetables all year round.

I was astounded by the creativity that the speakers and attendees had and the strong family commitments and connections that went with many of the businesses. While this is just an example of one conference that touched on a subject I am interested in, all over the country there are conferences and workshops with topics to get you out of the winter doldrums and bring on a new interest. In my case seeing these herbs on display at least made me think spring and dream of gardens, flowers and things to come.

Find the perfect conference for you and expand your horizons!

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