Scheels, a fun stop

Scheels, a fun stop

Who would guess that Scheels can be considered a travel stop? This sports store may or may not be a place where you shop, but it sure is a place to see and do.

With statues on the outside including one of Abraham Lincoln to signify the Land of Lincoln this is a fun place from the time you get out of the car.

This is a place to take the grand kids. Visiting once, I had fun taking pictures of them sitting in the carved chairs inside the doors and this is before you ever even get into the store. My grand daughter calls Scheels Christmas Scheels and my daughter is not really sure why, but it works for us. They take the kids there to ride the Ferris Wheel and look at the amazing aquarium that I have a picture of on this blogsite.

There is even a place to try out your shooting skills at the Shooting Gallery and much more. The animal section can be fun if you have a camera, you can have great fun looking like the great hunter!

For any sports minded shopper, you can find most anything you like at Scheels. This past week I found a pair of beach shoes for an upcoming trip, but I had a hard time walking past the aquarium and found myself along with a mom and her little boy going ooh and ahh over the brilliantly colored fish.

Checking on the Springfield Scheels website I found there is even a Kids Club they host on Monday evenings so it truly is a Christmas Scheels offering ideas and events that please the entire family.

Next time you are in Springfield or anywhere a Scheels may be, take a minute and check it out, it is an adventure. Log onto for more information.

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