Little Traveler Shop, we stopped for a spot of tea

Recently my mom and I took a jaunt to Geneva, Illinois. We found a unique shopping district off Third Street and loved the little shops, Wide Avenue and off streets. We parked, perused and ended up for lunch on the recommendation of a stop at a garage sale at the Little Traveler for lunch.
Originally a house owned by the Raftrey family the home was a two-story with four rooms on each level fireplace, gardens and a lovely start to what later became the Little Traveler. The brochure I picked up states that it was through the travel of a friend sending items from China to Kate Raftrey. “Around 1922, Mrs. Raftery’s close friend, Lucy Calhoun moved with her husband to Peking, China. Mr. Calhoun was an important emissary of the United States to the Court of the Last Dowager of China. Lucy began sending her good friend Kate bolts of Imperial Tribute silks, fur robes, pewter deers and ducks, jade ornaments, and festival lanterns. Mrs. Raftery was delighted with her friend’s finds and knew others would be too. She asked her to send more of these unusual items, and her collection grew. She displayed these Oriental treasures on the grand piano in the living room and sent invitations for an afternoon tea and sale. The tea was a success and more were held.”

The collection grew and visits to the home became visits to a shop and tea room. Much of the shopping district in this area is attributed to Kate Raftery. We shopped and dined in the Atrium restaurant. What we enjoyed as much as the food was the fashion show where women dressed up in the shops finery, stopped by tables and explained what they had on. We were amazed how expansive the shop was and all there was to see and do at one place. For those in central Illinois it is a little like Josephine’s in Godfrey.

After arriving home I with a bit of success I tried to recreate my salad.
The Little Traveler is a unique venue that we were thankful was recommended to us. We now recommend it to you!

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