A Loving Tribute in a Chevy Truck

Sometimes you see something that moves you and unexpectedly touches you. This was the case at the 35th Annual Antique Tractor, Engine and Machinery Show this past June when I spied a beautiful blue 1952 Chevrolet 3100 short box pickup on the grounds at the Gilmore Car Museum.

The truck is a story of loss and love. The 1952 Chevy belonged to Howard Eichenauer of Middleville, Michigan. “This was supposed to be a father son project,” Howard said. “My son Rusty was killed by a drunk driver in 1990.”

After setting for a while, Howard restored the truck in Rusty’s memory. He has put together a touching story told through the eyes of the truck about Howard and Rusty and the restoration. I had tears streaming down my face after reading how Howard worked through his grief to restore the truck that represented the young man that was just graduating from high school and getting ready to move onto a new chapter in his life.

The story ends though on a high note with Rusty’s love of this restored truck living on through Howard’s restoration.



A fitting tribute!

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