Styling it on the Road

The other day I went to town with my friend. She and I both had on awesome jewelry and she broke out into a hip hop, “We are stylin it!  Stylin it”.

We grooved our way as good as two middle aged divas can on our way into town.  By the time we reached my sister’s house we both had a smile on our face and we were ready to see how she was styling her outfit,!  That rendition got me thinking how fun it is to -style it -on the road, and watch others styling as well.

Yesterday in Bergners Department Store, a Senior Citizen gentleman had on a pair of bright red suede tennis shoes.  He didn’t break a stride as we watched him walk in with his woman to shop.  With his sliver hair gleaming and every strand in place, I am sure he was singing, “Whatever you do, don’t step on my red suede shoes” all the way into the mall.  I was singing to myself admiring his bravery to wear such a bold fashion statement.

At many of the events I attend, collectors are there.  A couple years ago at a Red Power Winter Show two gentlemen, I think brothers, had on some bright blue shirts. The shirts had yellow and red tractors embellishing the  shirts, the like of which I had never seen before.  When I asked about them, one brother proudly said, “My wife got the material and made them for us.”

We have friends that attend various tractor shows and he has a T-shirt or button down shirt and hat to accompany whatever the featured brand of the show is.  Many shows even offer show buttons that collectors wear to spruce up their outfits.

My grand daughter was styling it 1950’s for kindergarten this week as they had dress up day.  Dress up days is what it is all about.  It just makes you feel better to pull out the right outfit or bling that will put a smile on your face.  As you prepare to head out the door whether traveling down the road or to the grocery store today, own your look and “Style it!’