Civilized Cats, don’t travel without it!

I admit, I love cats and I love fun pictures with cats and I live on a farm so I am the perfect client for the pictorial book with perfect quotes titled Civilized Cats, an album in words and pictures.  Since I am the perfect client, I have pored over the pictures and smiled several times since it arrived on my doorstep this afternoon.

The pictures are from yesterday but they are finding new life in this compilation.  Taken by Nancy Hendrickson, the photographer was born on the family farm in 1886. The farm is near Heart River south of Mandan in the State of North Dakota.  She lived on her farm all of her 92 years and while there she took up to 4,000 pictures, many of them of her beloved cats.

Today several select pictures have been matched with quotes some from the well known and others not, but all quotes are purrfect, pardon the pun for the picture at hand.

While traveling as I have mentioned before, I like a book to keep me company when the scenery is nothing but the highway and this book will keep me turning pages.  The book is 48 pages and sells for  $15.00 with $5.00 shipping and handling.  Log onto for details.civilized cats

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