Incredibly Delicious, a local gem


Scones at Incredibly Delicious .
Scones at Incredibly Delicious .

Looking for a great place to eat locally in the central Illinois area with a charming atmosphere?  If so, then I have found it!

While working on a story for Senior News about great local places to dine for Illinois State Fair visitors I had the luxury of stopping by Incredibly Delicious and trying a breakfast treat I had never tried before.  Jeff Berg from Visit Springfield and I shared the special, Avocado Toast!  It was hard to pass up some of the amazing scones or the breakfast croissants that also looked quite delicious. The toast though was light and quite wonderful, plus healthy.

The staff said that everything is made on site and that while everything is wonderful the most popular breakfast food is the breakfast croissant.  The flourless cake one young lady told us is the bakery item that put them on the map.  “The flourless cake is what we started with.”

The latest bakery addition was something she called Noix de Coco a coconut tart almond cake with coconut cream then whip cream topped with coconut shavings.  One of each please!

Open for both breakfast and lunch this lovely old house that Incredibly Delicious is housed in is part of Springfield called Aristocracy Hill which I learned meant it was located within a couple blocks of the Governor’s Mansion.  The house address 925 South 7th Street is the former Howard K. Weber House and is comprised of Italianate architecture. The area that the home is located in was part of the 1870’s version of Springfield’s upper middle class and what a historical paper on the home referred to as “the minor rich”.  The house was first built in the 1840’s and added onto until it reached its current size around 1870.  The home is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

If you want further proof than my suggestions, check out the reviews.  They are glowing, one person said, “It is almost like Paris” others called it bakery heaven and both the food and the atmosphere are mentioned.  Jeff and I dined on the back porch and enjoyed the balmy day, the beauty of the architecture, the garden atmosphere and of course, the food!

I plan to go back for lunch sometime soon.