Get Ready for the Wrap of the World Series Top Ten Tips!

The first modern World Series was held in 1903 in Boston.  For over 100 years, fans and players have been riveted by America’s pastime.  Before the boys of summer transition to the boys of fall do your preparation to enjoy this wrap up historical game tonight between the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians.  Can the Cubs regain their 1908 title, will this be the year for Chicago to go Blue?  Will the Cleveland Indians take back their 1948 title?  Here are a couple recommendations to enjoy the wrap game before the new winner is crowned.

  1. Clear the decks.  Do what you have to do so you can give your full attention to the series.  If there are morning preparations that need to be made, do them before the game begins for two reasons, first you won’t be interrupted, and two you may not be able to concentrate.  It’s not good if your kindergartner ends up at school without a lunch or that report that’s due tomorrow is filled with expletives because it was done in the heat of the game.
  2. It’s all about the food.  What snacks do you have?  Do you have a tradition?  Make sure the brats and buns, cheese and crackers, brew and soda are all on hand.  No one will be willing to run to the store during the game.
  3. Comfort.  Be sure your chair, blanket, pillow etc. is ready to take the game abuse.  Is your view clear?  Is the remote near?  Have you checked any recordings that may switch your channel during the middle of the game?  Be ready to view from the best seat in the house.
  4. Company or no company?  Is this a game that you want your buddies around or are you a solo watcher?  Either way, make your plans and invite or bar the door.
  5. The outfit.  Are you properly dressed for your team?  Is your Cubs or Indians jersey clean?  Can you find your hat?  Do you want a picture of you with your pennant flying in your proud fist?  If so, look before the game begins.  If you are a sweats kick back type of watcher then make sure your most comfortable watching gear is ready to roll.
  6. Social Media.  Are you following the #WorldSeries during the game?  If so, set your hashtag in preparation.  Facebook has been flying with Series comments and live chats.  Be ready with your camera if you are watching at a local venue or you want to capture your family in celebration mode.
  7. Phone prep- do you like to talk during the game?  Do you confer with another fan blow by blow?  If so that’s great, but if you don’t want calls during the game, you may want to silence or even turn off your phone during the series.  If you do this though, make sure your mom is alerted or she may be on your doorstep if you don’t answer!
  8. Behavior.  If there are little ones, grandkids watching, watch the language and the comments. They are listening and will repeat what they hear on the playground in the morning.
  9. Safety – is your glass a non spill so when you jump up during the game it won’t dump?  Is the area around you clear so you won’t injure you or the dog?
  10. Celebration.  I know its all about the win and both teams have been waiting a long time for this day, but your team made it to the series and that is a celebration in itself.  That said, since I am an Illinois girl, I must add, Go Cubs Go!

These are just a few ways to celebrate the night and make your very own World Series memories.


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