The 2nd Day of Christmas, Gifts from Ann Arbor -a play at the Purple Rose



On the Second day of Christmas my true love gave to me… You know the words!  What you may not know is just what to get your beloved.  On a recent press trip to Ann Arbor, Michigan I experienced several wonderful experiences that make the perfect gift, an adventure in Ann Arbor and a visit to the Purple Rose Theatre Company. While in Ann Arbor, I saw the play, Morning After Grace.  The cast were professionals and the play was lovely, emoting both joy and sadness and the truth of living our adult lives.

The Purple Rose was started by actor Jeff Daniels in 1991, and the design of the theater is perfect.  The audience literally surrounds the stage so there is not a bad seat in the house.  If your loved one likes performance gifts, what a great idea to stay at the classic Graduate Inn in downtown Ann Arbor, then tool over to the Purple Rose for a theatrical experience!

Located in nearby Chelsea, a town of 5,000, director Guy Sanville said that the theatre brings 40,000 people to the local community.  Sanville said, “We do stories about things we understand….a window to the human heart.”

Named after one of Jeff Daniels first movies, The Purple Rose of Cairo, the building has been many things, it was a bus garage, a pizza parlor then between 1999 – 2000, it had a two million dollar renovation and the results are a professional theatre bringing in actors from all over as well as locally.  Jeff Daniels has an office in the building and there is a small staff along with 7 full time apprentices.

The beauty of this theatre in a small town that is filled with beautiful buildings amazed me.  The play we attended was on a Wednesday afternoon and the house was full.  “We are part of the fabric of the community,” Guy said.  “I’m known as the theater guy.”

Come to Chelsea and watch a play in this wonderful town.  The Ann Arbor area is filled with surprises, take time this next year, celebrating with a Christmas gift and explore!  For more information call 734-433-7782.