Land of Lincoln Expo & Route 66 Tractor Drive

News, news, news! A new tractor show is coming to Carlinville, Illinois. It is called the Land of Lincoln Expo ( and we are excited about this fun event. Along with the tractor show, there is also going to be (as I mentioned in a previous blog) a tractor drive on Route 66.

Where: The show will take place at the Macoupin County Fairgrounds in Carlinville, Illinois and is hosted by the Macoupin Agricultural Antique Association, the event takes place with set up on Thursday June 15, 2016 from 8 -5. The show runs over the weekend and wraps up on Sunday afternoon after the Parade of Power. While Bill Miller, the show coordinator is a green guy himself, he said that all makes and models from original to restored are welcome to the Land of Lincoln Expo. When the planning stages got rolling, the first thing that Bill had to do was find a place for what he and the Macoupin Agricultural Antique Association hope will be an annual show. Bill said. “I found out that on the 3rd weekend in June at the Macoupin County Fair Grounds that there would a rib cook off contest. I talked to the guy in charge, Ryan Starr and he lit up. It all fell together.”

Tractor Parade & Rib Cook off: On Saturday June 17, 2017, of the show collectors can enjoy the Rib and Brisket Cook-Off with sampling from noon to 5.

Saturday morning there is also a tractor drive that will take place along historic Route 66. The drive will begin at the fairgrounds on June 17th and will depart around 9 am after an 8 am safety meeting. No registration is required before the show. Drivers will then proceed to travel parts of the two-lane historic Route 66 between Carlinville and Girard, Illinois. For more information about the drive call Lynn Huyear at 217-825-7154 or Keith Ladage at 217-971-5917.

Vendors: Attendance at the show is free and so is set up for vendors. Anyone with tractor parts or farm toys or related items that is interested in setting up should contact Mark Berkel at 618-409-4410.

Deere Friend dinner: “There will be a band on Saturday night and Friday night we are having a Deere Friends dinner at the Elks club in Carlinville,” Bill added. Along with the meal, there will also be a presentation by John Deere representatives. While this is a Deere heavy dining experience, Bill wanted collectors to know that any antique tractor collector, no matter the brand is welcome to come. Sign up will begin Thursday, the first day of the show with a cut off on Friday morning.

Attractions: For those looking to visit the historic Anderson mansion in Carlinville, a bus will be available to take visitors to tour on Saturday morning. There are a lot of things to do around the area with amazing stops like the stone in the Carlinville square reflecting the Lincoln Douglas debates. There is also a Lincoln statue in Bunker Hill and Doc’s drugstore and pharmacy museum in Girard, Illinois to name a few. Carlinville is also home to a large number of Sears Houses and the historic million dollar courthouse. There are also some great antique shops as well. Check out the facebook page for information about hotels and more.

The show is coming together quite well, as of mid February, Bill said he has collectors from 13 states committed to coming to the show. Sponsors have helped cover the cost of fliers etc. and everyone is excited about the big day, we hope that you are too and that you will join us for the first ever Lincoln Land Expo! What could be more exciting than a first time show and a chance to drive the historic Route 66?

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  1. The Adventure Ahead

    Sounds fun. I will admit that I have never witnessed a tractor parade, but it sounds like it would be a great time. What a fun way to get enthusiasts all together in one place. I bet the variety of tractors on display will be like seeing pieces of history.

  2. Lauren

    I’ve never witnessed a tractor parade before! Well, the closest I’ve seen was in a REALLY small town my friend grew up in (like, less than 500 people) and on Canada Day they would have a parade with “floats” that were generally tractors with things stuck to them 🙂

    1. Cindy

      That happens here too. In a tractor drive, the entire drive/parade is of tractors. Quite a sight to see.

  3. Cez of eTramping

    Well doesn’t that sound like a hoot, a tractor parade! Haha love the post.

  4. Lara Dunning

    I lived in the Midwest for 15 years and I don’t ever think I saw a tractor parade. Makes a lot of sense tho in farm country. I’d be excited about the rib cook off too. Love ribs!

  5. Sutee

    I’ve never been on a tractor or highway 66. A good way to kill two birds with one stone!

  6. Sheena

    Ive never heard of a tractor parade before but it’s something I would go out of my way to see. I won’t be able to make it to this one but there’s great information to help others plan their trip

    1. Cindy

      Hopefully this will be an annual event that maybe you could make in 2017!