Look Up!

Look up, you never know what you are missing by not lifting your eyes to the heavens. This beautiful stained glass ceiling at the Lincoln, Illinois Public Library is an example. While stopping by to deliver Senior News & Time’s latest edition with Linda Keeler at the library, I took a second to look up and saw this beautiful ceiling!

This is one of the many Carnegie Libraries built through the generous funds of Andrew Carnegie. The history section the library shares, “In 1901 the City of Lincoln received the grant for a new library. Combined with the donation by will of a home and two lots by Isabel Nash and gifts by Stephen Foley, the City and Lincoln Public Library constructed a “classic” , style library structure designed by W. A. Otis, of Chicago, in Lincoln, IL. Other than maintenance and alterations not affecting the structure’s character, the only significant change has been the remodeling and opening of the basement during 1972-1974.”

If I hadn’t looked up I would have missed this amazing site. I find myself often with my face buried in my phone and not paying enough attention to my surroundings. This spring I hope to keep eyes open and head up and who knows what sights I will see!

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  1. George Schultz

    You are a lucky woman for more than a thousand reasons….the most important one being Keith !
    I enjoy reading about all your exploits (it’s like I’m along for the ride through your descriptive technique).
    However, the most enjoyable published article in recent memory is the B-29 ride that Keith and I were on together last August.
    The plane ride in the B-29 was awesome but there’s never a better feeling in the world than making a friend like I did with Keith. He’s the genuine article. One in a million. I will remember him for all my years.
    Keep up the beautiful episodes. Every one has been enjoyable to read.

    1. Cindy

      Thanks George, I am a lucky woman, Keith is a great husband and he loved the B29 ride. It made it special that you and your brother shared your story with us as well. Thanks for the kind words and so glad you liked the article!