Spring, a Poem

Tied up hair,

Bare legs

Sandals and painted toes.

Dresses, swirling around the knees and the sound of the bullfrog calling from the creek

Twilight fades

Soft warm breezes

A camp fire in our tire hub

The call of children

The meow of our cat

Twining between our legs

Catching us off balance


The smell of turned dirt

The rev of a tractor

A checked shirt

And pocket T

Perfume and body lotion

Earrings dangling

Bracelets clacking

Friend gathering


Bursts of bloom

So lovely

I catch my breath

For it lasts only a millisecond in time

Before the wind blows it away

And the sun burns the fluffy clouds

Into summers high

Hard blue

And we say goodbye

To beautiful


Memorable, lovely


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  1. George Schultz

    So very nice. Wonderful poem for a special
    Time of year.
    Your words are a gift to all of us.