A stay at the Mother Earth Motor Lodge

Rose Hammitt said our hosted stay at the Mother Earth Motor Lodge was a bit like walking in the past.  Set in the 1960’s, this renovated motor lodge will remind you of words like “groovy”, “psychedelic”, “Go Go boots”, “bell bottoms” and Motown music.  You might even look to your companion raise a peace sign and say, “Peace out!”

The lodge has only been open since April first but when our group of travel writers that came to town to see Kinston arrived, there were already two wedding parties checked in.  So it’s clear that news has traveled fast about this fun place to stay.

Keeping it historic, the lodge looks like the openings would be to the outside, but entry is only from the inside so the rooms are secure with a grand view of the pool. The only entry is the lobby, for other entries, a keycard is needed adding another layer of security.

The lodge is located near Kinston’s downtown that was once a bustling tobacco warehouse location and is now an art and foodie destination.  It is only a few blocks to downtown so most everything entertainment wise is within walking distance like the Mother Earth Brewery, the Boiler Room and more.   

While no breakfast is included at the lodge at this time, and the pool was not yet open the Mother Earth Motor Lodge has all the needed amenities whether traveling with a family or for business.  The Hawk’s Nest and Lovicks which both serve breakfast are only a stone throw from the lodge. 

Our suite room included a small kitchenette/living room combination which made it easy to do a bit of work after touring and enjoy a bit of space.  We stayed in one of 20 suites for guests to rent. Along with the suites, the lodge still has 25 smaller economy and economy plus rooms as well.  Local artists did all the paintings inside the rooms and in the lobby.  Perhaps the greatest work of art of all is the beautiful neon sign that greets visitors as they drive into the motor lodge.

Originally built in the 1960’s the Kinston Motor Lodge officially closed its doors in 2014. Renovation started in the summer of 2016. Work is still ongoing; crews are working on installing a grilling area, mini-golf course and shuffleboard game in the hotel courtyard.

Families will love this themed hotel which is under the Mother Earth grouping of businesses owned by Stephen Hill who along with the active art community has gone a log way to bringing life into this historic community.  There is a lot of history in Kinston, the town is home to the only iron clad boat above water and a replica of the CSS Neuce is also open for tours.

Kinston also has music history, in fact, James Brown stashed in the Motor lodge and several of his band members were from Kinston!

We loved our stay at the Mother Earth Lodge and perhaps my favorite part besides the room was going to the front desk seeing the clerks dressed like I remember from my grad school years!  Rose loved the lobby decorations, and was even game to pose in the rope chair for me!

Reservations at the Mother Earth Motor Lodge can be made by calling 252-520-2000.

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