Glomax Gloves, great for adventures or work on the farm

When I received the chance to try out a  free pair of Glomax gloves, I was excited because married to a farmer, I see his and my son’s torn and tattered work gloves all the time. The farm gloves we have just don’t seem to last and it is easy for oil, water and other liquids to penetrate the cloth and reach their skin.

The promise the Glomax gloves purported that made me want a pair was that they are  slim & light, cut resistance, water & oil proof, breathable and anti-skidding.  These are all traits we could use on the farm and I could use in the garden.  I also wanted a pair of gloves like these to keep with me for traveling adventures whether talking about needing roadside help, or an extra grip. You never know when traveling when you might need to change a tire, move a limb off a back road or when you might be hiking or trekking over rocky terrain.

I was the first one to try the gloves.  I used the gloves at my mom’s when planting flowers and loved the firm hold on the potting soil and on the heavy clay pots. 

The gloves were a success for the two of us that tried them.  My son tried the gloves weeding and doing farm chores.  His reply was, “I like the cool feel of them. When working with gloves during the summer, they can get hot and uncomfortable.  I also like the firm grip.”

The gloves fit my husband’s hands perfectly as well and he plans to use the gloves when changing oil and other chores where liquid is an issue.  The Glomax gloves feel like rubber, but they are actually made of breathable  yarn and the yarn of the gloves is made with special technology, which contributes to its durability and resistance. Only two factories in the world produce this yarn. The gloves sell for only $15.00 which to me is a bargain.  To find out more about the Glomax gloves log onto–2#/updates for details.

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