Traveling Adventures is nominated for the Liebster Award!

Rebecca of the blog Rebminlu ( Traveling Adventures for the 2017 Liebster Award.  Rebecca called Reb is a new blogger. She graduated in 2012 and this brave young woman then bought a one way ticket abroad.  Since then Reb has lived in three different countries and visited over 20. The Liebster Award, it’s a blog award where bloggers nominate and support other bloggers with a similar niche. I have been blogging for a while, but I was thrilled to be nominated for this award that is a fun way for bloggers to help each other and aquaint readers with bloggers they may not know otherwise!

While I have been a freelancer for years, I have been only been blogging since 2012.  I love the chance to share stories about the places I have been and the things I have seen in hopes that others will enjoy them as well.  My blog has been steadily growing as I travel the backroads and beyond.

Liebster Award Questions:

Who is your favorite blogger? While there are several, one of my latest favorites is Tropical Travel Girl, ( Debbra Brouillette has a niche blog where she features tropical places. While her writing is exemplary, it is her beautiful photography that draws me in.  I met Debbra in 2014 at the North American Travel Journalist (NATJA) conference and enjoy knowing the writer of this great blog.  We both enjoy the sand and sea but have a love for the Midwest instilled as well.  Meeting other bloggers at conferences and here and there has made writing a less lonely occupation!
10 Random Facts About Yourself
1. I have two grandchildren.
2. My BA is in Biology and my MA in communications.
3. I love country music.
4. I got to meet Fred Young of the Kentucky Head Hunters and write about him because he collects old iron.
5.I don’t believe in maps, I only use navigation tools!
6. I like old equipment especially strange tractors.
7. I read romance fiction and mysteries.
8. Paris has been my favorite city.
9. I married the love of my life at 21.
10. Although I have a minor in Botany, I kill house plants.

Reb’s questions for me.

1. What has been your favorite trip so far? My favorite trip would have to be my visit to Eastern Oregon last year.  I saw so much beauty in the Oregon mountains, had a chance to ride a steam train and view the Salt Lick Auction, who could ask for more?
2. What are some of your must pack items for traveling? I have to have a hat, I need protection from the sun and I have to have a book, I read before bed every night.
3. Have you had an unexpected experience while traveling? Yes, last year when traveling to the Portland Indiana swap meet, I had a chance to ride in a very rare and cool International Harvester truck, a Red Baby and my husband and I also took a wild hair and went for a ride in a biplane!
4. Who is the most interesting person you’ve encountered during your travels? There are so many, this is a hard question, but one of the most interesting people has to be Harold Steele, a farmer, who was also head of the Illinois Farm Bureau. This man played a big role in WWII helping find soldiers that were missing in action.  He later worked in Washington and had a huge collection of agricultural items as a way to preserve agriculture history.
5. How do you deal with homesickness? Not a big issue because my trips are usually less than a week although I can miss family even on short ones.  I just call home.
6. What is the most difficult thing about traveling? Time, there is never enough to go all the places I want and do all I can do.  There also seem to be so many events at the same time, choosing where to go and what to miss is heart wrenching.
7. What inspired you to start traveling? A love of the history of places I have been.  There is so much to see I don’t just want to read about it, I want to see it for myself.
8. How do you afford to travel? In part through my freelance pay. Also, I worked for years before I started traveling and was able to have a steady income before really hitting the road.
9. Do you have any travel hacks or tips to share? If there is somewhere you want to go, go.  Everyone’s idea of travel heaven is different.  Seek your out and don’t be daunted. Save up and go, time is short and places many.  Start a blog and share your love of travel with others.  Also be sure to take pictures of you and your friends, you will want to look back someday. Travel with those you love because they won’t always be around but the memories you make will.
10. Where is the next place you want to go? My next adventure is in Canada to a seafood adventure.  Can’t wait!

My questions for my nominees:

1. What made you start traveling?

2. What is the most unusual thing you have seen?

3. Who is your favorite travel partner?

4. What is your favorite place to travel?

5. Do you enjoy the food while traveling?

6. What aspect of travel do you like the best?

7.  What do you look for when planning to go somewhere?

8. What is your best travel tip?

9. Who would you like to interview?

10. Is traveling your job?

My nominees

Debbra Tropical Travel Girl

Lara Small Town Washington

Carrie Chicago Foodie Sisters

Writing Suzanne

For more information about the Liebster Award, you can find it on The Global Aussie

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  1. Debbra Dunning Brouillette

    Thank you, Cindy, for nominating my Tropical Travel Girl website/blog for the Liebster Award! I am flattered and honored to be asked. What fun! I’m in the process of answering the questions you’ve posed so I’ll be posting them soon and will pass on the Liebster Award nomination to others!

    1. Cindy

      Wonderful, I was honored to be nominated as well, glad you will share the love!