Halloween Treats for the doggies are a no no!

Miss the pooch while on the road?  Want to give him or her a Halloween treat?  Be careful of what you give your pet, according to Chelsea Rivera the VP, Content & Media Relations for
SimpleWag wrote a blog about how candy can be toxic and sometimes even fatal for your dog.  We recently lost our furry friend who was about ready to turn 15 and he was a beggar extraordinaire.  If I left anything, and I mean anything at all tempting on the table or within reach of him, it was gone in one quick bite, so while I was always tempted to share because he LOVED his food, I would think better these days after reading this.

Please take a minute and look at this before sharing Halloween treats:  simplewag.com/foods-toxic-to-dogs .   Dress up your pet, take them on parade, or let them great the trick or treaters, but keep their treats doggie ones! Have a happy and healthy Howl – o -ween!





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