dogs and treats.

Florida Flywheelers, always a fun show

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We usually go to this show every year seeking sunshine, flowers, flea market finds and tractors.  You would think we would get tired of it, going year after year, but we find that they keep bringing out new and different things each and every show we see something we didn’t see before.  Like most years, […]

A Ride on the 28 -Story Elevator and Glass Observation Deck!

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My husband and mother say I am a thrill seeker, but its really not true.  You won’t find me sky diving or riding the world’s fastest rollercoaster, however, when I heard about the world’s tallest freestanding elevator, I said, “I’m in!” This mechanical wonder is in a place I would least expect it.  Located at […]

Halloween Treats for the doggies are a no no!

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Miss the pooch while on the road?  Want to give him or her a Halloween treat?  Be careful of what you give your pet, according to Chelsea Rivera the VP, Content & Media Relations for SimpleWag wrote a blog about how candy can be toxic and sometimes even fatal for your dog.  We recently lost our […]