A Travel Poem & Thank You from me in 2017

I traveled to the ocean

Key West palms called my name

The beauty of the narrow streets

The colored houses

And the Independence of the island charmed me.

This romantic getaway made us feel like children

Despite our advanced years!

The Florida Flywheelers,

Ringling Sarasota mansion

And a Cracker museum and animal park

Rounded out my Florida experience.

North Carolina, Kinston and Chapel Hill

filled in tobacco and Civil War history.

A wooden boat and a replica

then the solar eclipse in Missouri

Brought darkness to daylight as the moon covered the sun!

Indiana was a two-time winner for me

Hendricks County in the fall

And Hamilton County and Carmel, the capital of Round abouts!

Fort Wayne in the spring

Plus a wonderful Vera Bradley fling

Art Deco beauty was found

in Auburn at the Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg Museum.

This brought the Midwest into focus.

Iowa is always on the radar it seems

From Iowa City to Amana and Dyersville

Pearl buttons, farm toys and fine literature fit the bill.

A new Hilton Garden’s venture then

breathing in Amana history I got my fill of the beauty and lore!

Quad Cities offered new sights and activities

I’d never done.

A round of Jazz and museums

Art and a ride on the Mississippi

A zoo with a giraffe encounter

And a winery extraordinaire.

Chicago one night only

books launch and fun.

Tractor excursions took me to Ohio

Where I saw a President’s mansion

And fun with my friend.

Tractors, toys and farm literature

Old iron columns here and there

Farm World stories practically everywhere!

A trip to Vancouver Island

Seafood expo and festival filled my longing,

For the beauty of British Columbia.

Unparallel BC offers mountains

Oceans, history and seafood!

Clarksville a Tennessee light show

Christmas, music and more

Wine and history galore!

So many places

So much to see

Some in my backyard

Some over the horizon

A trek, a journey that is part of the story too.

I hope you enjoyed my stories

Thank you for letting me share with you!