Hunter Honey Farm, a Honey of a Place!

Melissa Mack has a honey of a job. She works at Hunter’s Honey Farm a 4th generation family business that has been around since 1910.  Sara Broers of Travels With Sara and I were lucky enough to get our very own tour.  We learned several things from Malissa.  My top ten take always were:

1) Honey never goes bad!  If it crystallizes, all you have to do is put it in hot water.

2) Peanut butter whipped honey is NIRVANA!

3) Queen bees live 5 years and the queen has one marriage flight where she is fertilized for life by drones that live only to mate with the queen.

4) Royal jelly is the only food the Queen bee will eat and this food is also good for human skin if taken internally.

5) Bee venom is sometimes helpful for arthritis.  Bee stings are sometimes overseen by physicians who knew?

6) Honey is being used as a wound healer for burns.

7) Bees wax darkens over time.

8) There are two types of honey sold at Hunter’s Honey Farm, strained and untrained.  Strained is not the same as filtered.  Strained only means that it has been strained through cheese cloth.

9) Consumingregional honey can help with allergy relief and regional encompasses a wide area where the vegetation remains the same.

10) Bees and their hive produce an array of products including honey, bees wax and more!

Hunters Honey farm offers tastings and tours and best of all, it is set in a glorious hillside view off he beaten path exactly what this Traveling Adventures of a Farm Girl is looking for!

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  1. Melissa

    Thank you for visiting! What a wonderful article and very well written. I’m glad you both had such a great time here. 🙂

    1. Cindy

      I’m so glad you liked it. Thanks for such a great tour, this was one of my favorite stops in your wonderful county, so educational and I’m loving the peanutbutter whipped honey! I will correct your name, I thought you said it was with an A, sorry!