Art and History combine in Morgan County Indiana

Morgan County Indiana corners the market when it comes to combining art and history.  Sara Broers of Travels  With Sara and I were on a hosted trip and had a chance to see this first hand.  Whether you are talking about the art of making candy at the Candy Factory in Martinsville, where they are getting ready to celebrate 100 years of sugar confectionary, or the lighted sign the sits above the town stating Martinsville City of Mineral Water.  The city has a history of artesian mineral springs that is reflected in this sign that is now lit 24/7.

This same mineral spring history can be seen in a mural near the edge of town.  That same mural also reflects the fact that the city was also the goldfish capital of the US.  Several murals dot Martinsville some with paintings, others with encouraging words.

One of my favorite stops in Martinsville was the Art Sanctury, a former Church that is now an art studio and a place where art events take place.  We saw some very cool 3D art produced by artist Mark Warpeenburg and the weekend after our visit the Art Sanctuary was hosting an event with lovely flowered plates that were going to Vice President Pence’s residence in Washington D.C.  The Vice President and Vice First Lady are Indiana residents.

Colorful murals are also found in Mooresville as well.  Tosha Daughtery, Executive Director of the Morgan County CVB drove us around and showed us some of the beautiful sites that included a view of the torch flame sculpture that is represented in the Indiana flag.

Tosha also shared a bit of history with us along the White River in the historic town of Waverly, Indiana. The setting included a lovely church and town that was to be plated along a canal that never came to be.  The town was founded in 1837and there is a plat map that shows the layout of the town along the canal.  There is a cross like section in stones with several outbuildings depicting what remains.  The garden today is located where the original town square once was.

There are also some murals as well.

HIstory is everywhere in Morgan County.  In the visitor’s center, Jamie Taylor of  the Martinsville Chamber showed us a room where there is a mini history museum.

Speaking of history, the Morgan County Pubic Library Carnagie Building is a true example of combining old and new architecture.  Sara and I took a walk through this lovely building and I was impressed with the leaded windows, the stained class rotunda ceiling and the columns that the librarian said she read were called “Columns of democracy!”

This just touched the surface of the art and history of this County that lies south of Indianapolis and north of Bloomington.  Come see for yourself to discover art and history in Morgan County!


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