Date Night In A Box – Fun Experience During Farm Time

We are right in the middle of harvest and going out on a “date” is not really in the scheme of things.  Saturday night we were able to fit in a late night meal at Longhorn.  That though,  is few and far during the busy Harvest season.  For a bit of fun, to add a spark of romance when I got the chance to try out Date Night in a Box, I took it!  I received a box with the Sponsored agreement that I would blog about it.  Here is my story.

Keith and are not newlyweds!  We got married on a snowy day on March 1st in 1980. Three kids, two grandchildren there have been a lot of wonderful years  under the bridge since then.  Sometimes it is nice to add in something different, a bit of fun.  Try something  new even in the midst of harvest when a trip, or leaving the premises is out of the question.

Our Date in the Box arrived and to set the stage, I cooked a meal (see the previous Table Talk blog).  I made pork tenderloins and spinach squares.  I cooked a nice harvest meal.  With a hearty dinner, and my youngest daughter clearing the table, my somewhat cynical husband agreed to the paint session that our date night box had to offer.  Allie even put on a romantic play list for us.

With the candle lit, I set out our canvases.  I told him to think about the last romantic date I planned for him.  I remembered the Christmas he planned to take me to Key West.  This set the bar high for every present, date and event from then on.  Keith thoughts turned to memories of June in Canada.  The trip was a success because I planned very little and we took long walks. A lot of quiet time was high on his list.

On our paint project, we chose the use glue to outline a picture then paint it option.  Neither of us are what I consider extremely artistic. So this was as much a project in humor as talent.  Keith outlined a picture basing it on a day at Meldrum Bay.  This was a beautiful place on Manitoulin Island in Canada where we had spent his birthday dinner this past June.

I choose to outline corn, using the farm, the basis of our history and our life for my picture.  I like to think I was going deep.

We completed our pictures.  While he finished up, we took the color quiz, based on Professor Max Luscher’s theory.  The quizz provided insight into our personalities. Keith chose the green as his first color which signals traits such as endurance, perseverance and resistance to change, all which truly do identify my steadfast husband.  The definition said “you  might prefer to have control over situations and might take care to fact-check when possible”  dead on.

Keith and I busy painting.

My first choice was violet which indicated a charming, charismatic and sensitive personality.  I don’t know about the first two, but I’m definitely sensitive.  They shared that I may spend my time, “dreaming or imagining different scenarios and pushing the bounds of reality”  maybe!

Anyway, the date was a quick one, because this time of year, I can’t keep the hubby up much past 9:30 p.m.  The date night got us talking about us, about fun things. We talked about things besides business, work and serious issues. This brought a touch of romance into the mix of marriage which is always needed whether married for three months, three years, or 39!

Night Boxes are great for parents who can’t go out because of the cost of babysitters, or they don’t want to leave the little ones.  It is great for the dead of winter when travel is sometimes iffy as well.  Its fun to know you can have a “date” right in your own home with a bit of creativity.  The Date Night Box is fun because all you have to do is order it and open it!

How much work you go to (like the dinner) is optional.  They had a meal option that I could have used, but I had a cookbook I wanted to try out so I chose that instead.  You can make your date night your own.  In our case, our daughter made ours a bit of fun clearing the table, adding some music, then laughing at our efforts and then clearing out.

How do you get your own Date Night in a Box?  Click on the hyperlink and you can see the website and you can order your on experience at home.  Right now there is a fall code if you use the wording “FALLINLOVE18” you can save 15%!

There is also a Kids Night In and a Faith Guide option to help add God’s road map to the date as well.  There are lots of choices making this a win/win no matter your situation.  We found it to be a lot of fun.  You can get dates delivered to you  just once, three time or six or more, the choice is all yours, its in your ballpark.  Which makes sense since one of the co-founders used to be a scour for the St. Louis Cardinals!



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