Table Tales a book with do ahead dinner menues etc, what fun

So, I got a copy of Table Tales, Do Ahead Dinner Menus That Whet Appetites Loosen Tongue and Make Memories. Am I a gourmet cook?  No.  Do I cook gourmet food?  Not really?  Do I host big dinner parties?  Not really, but would I like to and do I want to learn how to make some nice meals that are different and fun with a bit of guidance?  Yes, yes I would!  Since that was the case, receiving a copy of the book and then blogging about my experience was a great exchange!

The authors, Ray Repp and Richard Alther made the book fun and share how to do the dinners and offer time saving tips and hospitality tips.

My initial idea was to make three items from Chapter Two.  The  Pork Tenderloins with Dijon/Orange Sauce, Spinach Squares with Shallots and Swiss cheese and for dessert Caramel Pecan chocolate Sheet Cake.  I went shopping yesterday for the ingredients and was prepared to cook everything today.  As you know, life sometime intervenes and with my husband in the fields, it was a busier day than expected so I had to throw the dessert out the window, but the tenderloin and the spinach remained and guess what?  They were not hard, and they actually looked like the picture in the book and tasted good!

My husband and daughter loved the meal and I was a happy camper!

I only made a big enough meal for a dinner for us rather than a big dinner party since this was a first time try, but I love the fact that the food will freeze well.

I have the ingredients for the cake and Mini Savory Clafoutis an appetizer with shrimp that sounds wonderful.  I plan on trying both of these later this week.  I love to cook when I can try new things.  It is the rut that gets me down and takes the fun out of cooking.  This book added a bit of excitement for me and had got me zinged for some family meals.  With harvest time, my travel time is cut short since I’m needed at home so my adventures are farming ones, and I love to have fun on the arm and some neat harvest meals to add to my repertoire!

We enjoyed the spinach, but the tenderloin was a big hit and a for sure do again!  It was surprising that Dijon Mustard and Orange Marmalade mixed together provide a really cool sauce.  Not a pairing I ever would have expected!

I recommend this book for a fun read, but best of all a fun cooking experience.   What is really neat is they also have a webpage so you can read about their adventures and they are quite charming and fun to follow along with.  But don’t take my word for it, log on and see for yourself.

I’ll try to share pictures of my next cooking experience if it turns out as good as my first try!