Cleaning with Nature-Cide an all natural solution!

Nature-Cide Products

As a farmer’s wife that travels a lot, when it comes to dealing with insects and pests, I want something I can depend on and something that I don’t worry about with my barn cats. Note: The Nature-Cide company sent me All Purpose Insecticide and All-Purpose concentrate to review . I tried Nature-Cide’s  All Purpose Insecticide this morning.  Spraying it on my front porch this is where I seem to get a lot hornets, and insects congregating.

Nature-Cide Product
All Purpose Insecticide this is what I used on our porch.

We give the cats milk and occasional treats on the porch.  The porch is a congregating area.  It tends to collect insects.  Hornets in particular build nests in the upper porch corners.  I’m not a hornet fan! 

After returning from errands with my youngest daughter, I checked out the job the Nature-Cide Product did. I was pleased to see no insects moving anywhere.  Cats were on the porch happy, and unbothered by scent or bugs!

The Nature-Cide products have natural ingredients.  These ingredients include Cedarwood Oil, Cinnamon Oil and Limestone. 

In a note to me describing the product Wendy Roberts explained, “ Nature-Cide Granular Turf & Pest Management offers an all-natural alternative to outdated, poisoneous chemicals for insect control. Nature-Cide Granular kills and deters crawling insects, including ticks and emerging larvae, while safely repelling rodents and reptiles, as well. The special blend of essential oils enables customers to use these insecticides freely without fear of harming the environment.” 

 On a farm, Nature-Cide will work well both for the home and our out buildings. 

While  on the road a little infestation problem can become a big one really fast.  What I really like about the Nature-Cide Product is that it works on contact.  It takes care of the issue immediately.  Probelem solved!

There are several different products offered by Nature-Cide Products.  They  design products for both commercial and residential needs. Nature-Cide Products are in use by commercial customers, including the licensed green-focused pest control service company Pestmaster Services (which has 36 franchises and operates in 15 states).

For more information about Nature-Cide Prodcuts, log onto their website at  I was happy with the way it worked.  Mostly I am impressed with the green aspect and that it is composed of natural products.