Saving Farmall History

Each year we lose we lose our agricultural history. Everyday something important is thrown away that can never be replaced. Each item saved is a step in the right direction. Some agricultural brands like Farmall are no longer here and that history needs to be cataloged.

Preserving Agricultural history

Agricultural history is preserved in a lot of different ways. Collectors save keepsakes from companies where they worked. Memorabilia is collected from the equipment brand that is preferred. Tractors are restored. Implements are kept. At Historic Days in Penfield Illinois this year, I saw Farmall history saved in a unique manner.

Farmall history
These stairs from the Farmall Workd in Rock Island Illinois are on display at Penfield.

Saving building history

In one of their buildings I saw a staircase that was saved from a Farmall factory! The stairs came from the Farmall Works in Rock Island Illinois. It was located next to the main assembly line. While the building has been torn down, through this preservation effort, a part of the building remains.

Farmall history
I loved the added explanation.

According to information I found, the Farmall Works plant in Rock Island, Illinois first opened in 1926. The last IH tractor, a Model 5488, was built there on May 14, 1985. International’s Agriculture Equipment Division was sold to Tenneco the prior year, in 1984. The plant closed it doors on June 27, 1986.

Sixty years of Farmall history and milestones occurred in this building. I was impressed that the I & I Antique Tractor and Gas Engine Club have this at their show grounds. I’m not sure who did the actual work, and saving and retrieving this, but kudos for this heroic effort of saving and preserving a piece of International Harvester history!

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