The Truck that talks do you have one?

Debbie Nemcek calls her truck Cowboy Bob because it belonged to her dad, Bob Reynolds. It is a 2001 Ford 150 King Ranch. Recently, she learned that her truck talks.

truck that talks
Cowboy Bob’s Ford King Ranch.

What is really special is that the truck has a recorded voice and that voice belongs to her late father. Robert Reynolds passed away February 27, 2013.

I can’t tell you what I would give to hear my father’s voice again! Here is the story of how Debbie got to hear her dad’s voice! Check to see if you have a truck that talks.

Enter Officer Barclay Harris

The story begins about a month ago. Debbie was at Pawnee grade school to pick up her granddaughter and grandson. “Officer Barclay Harris partol’s for the school. He talks to everyone,” Debbie said. “He saw my window was down, and told me that his friend Bill Matthews, has the same truck as my dad’s, only a different color.”

Truck that talks
Debbie and Officer Barclay Harris.

The truck belonging to Mr. Matthews like Debbie’s truck had belonged to her father. Officer Harris told Debbie what made this truck so special. “One day my friend pushed a button on a recorder. Then, he heard a conversation between his dad and his uncle.”

Debbie said, “I wonder if my truck has one?” Officer Harris responded that he didn’t know where the recording device was. He went on to tell Debbie what nice shape her dad’s truck was in.

“It was Dad’s pride and joy,” Debbie said. She told him what the low mileage number was then Officer Harris went on.

After Officer Harris left, the search was on! Debbie started looking in earnest for the device while waiting for the grandkids. She was hoping to find the device. Then beyond that was the real hope, to hear her dad’s voice! Maybe, just maybe, if all the stars were aligned, she had a truck that talks.

Travel Note Recording Device!

Truck that talks
This is the Travel Note Recording Device!

The 2001 Ford 150 I found out was decked out with what they call a Travel note recording device. This was built right into the sun visor. Listed in a 2002 review this information shares a bit about the Travel Note Recorder.  “All King Ranch trucks get lighted visor mirrors with a HomeLink universal transmitter and a Travel Note recording device…”

The search is on!

Debbie’s search paid off. She soon found the record and play Travel note recording device in the sun visor. While the car was running, she pushed the play button. She couldn’t believe it. “I hear this guy showing him about the car on the day he bought it,” Debbie said. “He said talk Bob, then I heard my dad’s voice!”

Delighted, when the grandkids got in, Debbie saw Officer Harris. She rolled down the window and said, “I found it!”

He gave her a big thumbs up! One piece of advice led to a major find and a piece of history for Debbie!

Do you have a 2001 or 2002 Ford King Ranch?

Do you own a truck that talks? Could you have a long lost loved one with their voice recording just waiting to be played? Maybe so. This story touched me to the bone because I have known Debbie since I was 14, and I knew Bob. If Officer Barclay Harris hadn’t taken a minute to share that tidbit of news with Debbie, she may never have “looked up” and hit play!

A truck that talks is important, but a voice from a dad that is gone is just priceless!

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