5 ways to stay positive during winter!

Stay positive because it is a proven fact that winter days can get you down. Don’t let them! There are a lot of ways to stay positive during winter. The winter solstice which began on December 21st means that everyday the days are getting longer! As you prepare for trips down the road or a winter getaway keep these tips in mind!

Go for a walk

Today it was New Years and the first time the sun has popped out for a while. My dear friend Jane and I had our traditional holiday meal at Red Lobster. This year we decided to spend the day doing a fun activity and that led us to Lincoln Memorial Garden where we took a wonderful walk. The sunshine and trails were the perfect lift for the spirits. A stroll is mind clearing and good for the heart! Getting out and about it is important when planning for a trip. It is important to be healthy for travel!

Beautiful Lincoln Memorial Gardens a great place to take a winter walk.

Plan a trip

Get the calendar out and plan your next getaway to help you stay positive this winter. This doesn’t have to be something big. But after the holidays sometimes we can get blue. An article in Psychology Today pointed out several reasons, lack of activities and seeing friends and family after the busy holidays are among them. Remedy this by planning something whether that is a short shopping Saturday afternoon trip, a weekend getaway, or a weeklong event.

For Keith and I, we have several trips planned and we are in the finalizing part of many events, including antique tractor shows! If you have a hobby you follow, get out your calendar and add in an event or two, stay busy!

stay positive during winter
This portion of Route 66 is famous in our neck of the woods, take a trip near Auburn, Illinois to see it!

Reconnect with friends & family

Winter can be a lonely time. It is cold out and it is easy to become isolated. Even if the weather is bad you can reach out on Facetime or pick up the phone. A friendly voice can be just the perfect remedy to cheer you up. Planning a fun event with a friend is the perfect pick me up. What do you and your friends enjoy doing together? Keith, my husband, loves his Graham Bradley Club and as soon as the site is selected we make reservations and start planning.

If you can’t do it right now, talk about it, plan for it and reminisce about it!

stay positive during the winter
Graham Bradley Club Girls having fun last year memories until Pontiac in 2020! What memory do you and your friend have?

Start a new hobby

Stay positive in winter by trying something new. This fall I started weight lifting. My daughter Allie mentioned that she is wanting to try turning her poems into songs. This past year I took up bike riding and found I loved it. Sometimes that something new can be just the cat’s meow to add that spark in your life. My friend Annie brought me some fun items when she came to visit me a few days ago and I have started crocheting again. The scarf I’m working on sure isn’t lovely, but she convinced me it will all stretch just right after a wash.

But my brain is working and staying active and that is important to me. I don’t want it to turn to mush as I age! I just read an article that talked about using all the senses and how that is good for the brain.

You may even take a class or two Ivey O” Neal of The Simple Dollar reached out to me after this article was published to let me know there are a few new opportunities to share.  “Due to the increase in online education, older adults now have the opportunity to go back to school on their own terms and at their own pace by taking classes online. Whether they’d like to advance professionally, pursue a second career or just keep their mind sharp, there are many programs available to them.”

She added that their expert researchers at The Simple Dollar have included:

  • Reasons why pursuing an online education is a good option
  • Information on how to pay for classes such as personal loans, tax credits, and tuition waivers they may not be aware of
  • A comprehensive chart of institutions offering online programs and degrees for seniors.

Help someone out

Last but not least help someone else. The best way to forget your own woes is to help someone else. Stay positive this winter by volunteering, taking food to a friend, or helping someone out that needs an extra pair of hands. My mom and I babysit the grandkids after school a bit and it is more of a present to me and my mom than help to my daughter I’m sure.

My mother cooks for others all the time. I think she takes more meals to others than she actually eats. Staying busy keeps her healthy and happy. She is staying positive this winter helping others, making a difference.

Keep these tips in mind

This view helps keep me interested for travel!

These are five ways to keep busy this winter while waiting to travel. Walk, plan a trip, connect with friends and family, try something new and help someone out! You will be glad you did and so will the others that benefit from your generosity!

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  1. Angela

    Great tips! It’s so easy to get a little depressed during the cold winter months in the Midwest when everything is dreary and there’s not much going on.

  2. Kylie

    I find it so hard to be positive during the winter! The cold hurts my face and I just find myself wishing away the time until it gets to summer!

    1. Cindy

      I hope some of these tips will help you through!