Looking Local!

Sunset on the farm.

My travels lately are in my own neck of the woods. But even before the travel restrictions I had started a tack on focusing on local businesses. This past January I approached my local Village Board in Pawnee and asked if they would be interested in me writing about the local businesses in town. With writing about all the places during my travels, I felt it was time to turn my eyes to some of the businesses right here at home.

Stories on the Village Blog

So far, I have written about The Pawnee Lumber & Hardware Company, Pawnee Monument Company, Uptown Iron Gym, the Pawnee United Community Bank. May 1st, my story about Krekels in Pawnee will appear. Articles will also cover events as well. It has been a lot of fun focusing on local businesses and learning the details of the people behind the businesses and the history as well. Best of all has been supporting these local businesses especially as COVID-19 has come into play.

I’m reaching out to other local publications. I’m hoping to increase my coverage of focusing on local businesses. I want to share more about the opportunities we have right here in central Illinois. There is a rich history and culture of coal mining, agriculture and more right in my own backyard. My husband Keith and I took a drive nearby on Easter. He showed me the most amazing barns that I would love to write about. I want to tell their stories and hope someone knows how these beautiful architectural wonders came to be.

Dining Locally

focusing on local businesses
Curbside pick up from locals

Cooking three meals a day is not my forte! While I have been enjoying eating healthy and getting back to the basics. I admit it is great to support the local restaurants. However, there is also a selfish streak to picking up takeout as well. While I feel good about supporting the local diners and try to add on a good tip because I know they are not making the money they need, they are doing me a great service. Cooking for me and my family!

The Beauty of the countryside

focusing on local businesses
This rail road bridge was spied on a drive for farm items. Lovely!

Until I had been cooped up in the house for an extended period of time I don’t think I realized just how lovely central Illinois really is. Spring is exhibiting all of her beauty. Magnolia trees are exploding, red buds are popping and dogwoods are peaking. A drive to the grocery store has become a treat.

L is for loving what is here

O is for observing with new eyes

C is for a clear new vision

A is for advising what there is to see and do

L is for living the local life!

Focusing on local businesses, traveling locally, that is a cool focus for now!

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  1. Rina

    So true! There is much to appreciate all around us and right now, we need to support our communities.