Endless Nights-Sky View Drive-In

Sky View Drive In

Have you ever been to a drive-in movie? The Sky View Drive In at Litchfield, is the last original theater on Route 66 in Illinois. According to their website it is one of only four in the nation. Years ago I went with a friend. We shared a huge bucket of popcorn and watched two movies and loved the novelty of it all. Today I traveled to Litchfield on essential farm business with my husband Keith. We took a moment and stopped at Endless Nights the Historical Marker. Located at the drive-in, this marker tells the nostalgic story of this historic site!

The Endless Night Historical Marker

The marker is by the drive in with a little sidewalk. You can pull over on the side of the road. Keeping social distancing in mind, I viewed the marker and took a few photos.

The marker notates the dancing hotdogs on the screen drawing moviegoers to the concession stand. They remind us of the playground below the screen where children played before the movie.

Perhaps the most important item that really resonates today is the fact that this may actually be permissible entertainment during COVID-19. They have a photo of a cool car with a man sitting in it with the wording, “An automobile provided privacy for couples on romantic dates or for families to tuck in the youngsters for a night’s sleep while mom and dad watched the movie.”

There you go, alone watching a movie! Perfect.

This wonderful placard was erected by the Illinois Route 66 Scenic Byway.

The grand opening at Sky View Drive In!

The Sky View Drive In opened In 1950. I love the fact that they have a photo of several people at the opening with a quote from Walter “Chic” Bishop. He said, “It did more to upset life in Litchfield than when Walmart came to town. It was unthinkable that you would wait to watch a movie and stay out so late. This was a farm community you know.”

I used to write for the now defunct antique tractor magazine Belt Pulley. Chic Bishop wrote for the Belt Pulley as well. It was cool to come across a familiar name and hear his “shocking” quote.

The Sky View Drive In!

There is a sign that states the Drive In will open on May 1. Whether this will change with the current state of affairs or not I’m not sure. This is an entertainment venue where you truly can stay in isolation and enjoy!

The exact location is 1500 N. Historic Old Route 66. According to their website it costs $7.00 per person to go to the show and those ages 5 and under are free! The season is set to begin May 1st and end October 11th. This if it happens will be the 70th season!

The Route 66 Connection to Sky View Drive In

The Drive In is located right along the end of the section of Route 66 built between 1930-1940. If you go on up to the stop sign and turn in either direction you are on the 1940-1977 Route 66!

The Sky View Drive-in theater is in the Route 66 Hall of Fame and now visitors can also enjoy the wayside historical marker. What fun, what history, what a chance to make memories!

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  1. Jennifer Brommer

    Drive-in movies are sure to be a hit in the coming months! Thanks for the info on this one!!

    1. Cindy

      This is an iconic one located right on Route 66!

  2. Melissa Schwartz

    I love this! Such a nice piece of history that you can still be part of. Thank you for mentioning the social distancing with the marker too. I have seen so many parents let their kids touch signs on the trails. Thanks for this nice piece of history!

    1. Cindy

      Thanks! I love the whole drive in idea and Route 66!