A Nature Walk

Today was a beautiful Monday. After working at home I decided to hike at Lincoln Memorial Garden. Located along Springfield, Illinois’s Lakeshore Drive, this is a great place for a nature walk! Spring is glorious everywhere, but Lincoln Memorial Garden’s trails is one of the best places I know. There were several cars in the parking lot. But with several trails to choose from, it was easy to keep my distance. I was able to enjoy a 3 mile plus 45 minute nature walk in this beautiful place!

nature walk
Lincoln Memorial Garden

What did I see?

Spring flowers abound! Sadly I can’t identify them all. My minor in botany doesn’t hold up to all the wild flowers. Thankfully, I do have a pretty good recall of most of the trees. Soft blue, lavender, yellow and white were the flowers spring pastels that dotted the floor of the woodland landscape.

nature walk
This is just one of the flowers in bloom.

Many trees are in bud and bloom.

This tree flower is amazing!

The Redbuds dot the shoreline across the lake with red everywhere.

The Redbuds add color all over the garden.

Bridges and log crossings

nature walk

I walked across bridges and logs. At times I acted like a kid balancing on the logs. A couple ducks darted in and out of recessed ponds. The fungi and stark branches add their own beauty as leaves just begin to fill out. Woodpeckers were hammering out a tune of their own. One one bird that I could not identify sounded like he was laughing.

Water, creek and lake

Water gurgled in the creeks and waves lapped at the lake shoreline. I must say the walk was quite idyllic and Walden Pond like. It was a spouting poetry type of experience. Those that I passed would nod and go on. Several were solitary walkers, others in pairs and one was a small group of teens.

Historic tree

nature walk
This tree lived when the Constitution was signed!

Tucked away in a corner, I saw a tree that was here when the Constitution was signed. There was a plaque from the National Arborist Association and the International Society of Arboriculture recognizing the significance of the bicentennial tree. This tree was alive during the signing of the constitution, what an unexpected find.

What a wonderful afternoon! What a great nature walk.

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  1. Linda Spanberger

    Looks like a nice day to take it all in! Sure do miss that place! I’ve been taking walks down Lake Shore Dr. A little crowded at times but everyone is wearing masks! Next time I’m down I wouldn’t mind visiting the Lincoln Memorial Gardens! It was a favorite place of my parents!

    1. Cindy

      I would love that. It is so beautiful!

  2. Melissa Schwartz

    The trees are stunning! I think your are a little further ahead of ours. I think next week more of ours here will be like that. Thanks for taking us on this beautiful nature walk! 🙂

    1. Cindy

      It was an amazing day! I want to go back before all the blooms are gone. I must say though that Lincoln Memorial Garden is glorious anytime of the year.