Plan for road trips post COVID-19

Plan ahead

Okay, so you are traveling in an RV or camping, you have isolation down. Or maybe you plan on driving and staying in hotels so you won’t be taking public transportation. You are limiting your exposure, keeping your social distance. You are ready to travel Post Covid 19! Grab your map, mask and go! Right? Not so fast.

plan ahead
These geese need to be wary when traveling and so do we!

Check out State requirements

One state does not another equal! Its kind of like when you were a kid. Just because your friend’s parents said something was okay didn’t mean your mom said it was okay or vice versa. Same way with states. Each state has had different COVID exposures and political environments and have different reactions to visitors. Thus, different rules, so you have to plan ahead!

Some states are wide open and have social distance dining in restaurants. Others like Illinois currently have only outside curbside dining. We are all different and each state has their own COVID19 guidelines.

Word to the wise, plan ahead

I just read an article in Forbes magazine by Suzanne Rowan Kelleher that said if traveling to Maine or Alaska this summer that a visitor must have a COVID-19 test 72 hours prior to visiting, or quarantine for two weeks if from out of state. A friend just told me that Montana also has this requirement as well.

You can’t blame them for wanting to keep their community safe. What a turmoil to have to choose between economic upturn from tourist dollars to worry of bringing in disease.

A little homework will save you many headaches

How awful would it be to load up in your vehicle set out and then learn of this requirement once you arrived? Right now for the summer of 2020, to plan ahead is not just a good idea, but a necessity.

Be ready to wear a mask

This should not have to be said, but many may feel like in areas without high number of COVID-19 cases some feel like a mask isn’t needed. Not debating whether needed or not, just know without it, you may not get in. Bring what you need to go where you want. In fact have an extra or two.

Details matter

Think about how far from home you want to travel, the stops you want to make and if they are open. Some places are open others are not. A phone call will save you much. I know I had posted I went for a nature walk per a website thinking everything was open only to find that a small portion was open. Thankfully the site was only half an hour from home.

To prepare is to prevent disaster and to plan is to have a fun trip fun! Again check each state’s requirements and you may also check if traveling to a big city as well.

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  1. Stacey Billingsley

    Great info! We were planning a trip to Arizona, and now that it’s on fire, I’m even more questioning the trip! We’re definitely on a “wait and see” mentality for the moment.