Planning your vaction!

Is there anything more precious than vacation time? Today while I am writing this post, it is National Plan Your Vacation Day. The U.S Travel Association stated that 97% of Americans report that having a trip planned makes them happy!

The NPVD planner quote that I take away is this. “Survey data also found that those who do plan take more time off and as a result are happier and healthier. Americans also indicated they are happier when they
take time off to travel.”

Vacations and just plain getting away is good for the soul. You don’t have to go very far. My friend Sara Broers is a blogger, speaker and content creator as well as co-founder of the Midwest Travel Network. Yesterday she had a facebook live and she said something really true. She said, if you are not planning something within a few minutes of thinking about it, it probably isn’t going to happen. So, if you are thinking about somewhere to go, you better start planning!

Plan out from now until the end of the year.

That is one of the suggestions on the National Vacation Day planner. They suggest from January on, start thinking about where you want to go and plan your vacation. I wrote up an entire list of tractor shows for 2021. Yesterday I started making reservations. If you wait till the last minute hotels may be all booked.

The Pandemic is still on I realize. The shows may be cancelled and if so, I will just cancel my reservations. But I choose a few events that I can attend and be socially distancing myself. I choose events where I will be in small groups and know I will be either outdoors and, of course wearing a mask. But I am planning my vacation ahead all the same.

Resources to plan your vacation

Where to go for resources for your trip? My favorite resources are the towns I am planning to travel to. I check their websites, the local CVB’s and DMO’s have great connections. Bloggers also have wonderful insight into travel because they are authentic and most only will report on places they have actually been to.

Planning around festivals and looking up those festivals can also be a fun way to plan!

With the Pandemic, be sure to call ahead and make sure the places you are planning to stop at are still open. Also, check travel safety and COVID travel guidelines to ensure that you can safely travel in that area before you plan to go.

Plan ahead, then check and double check before heading out the door. While the snow flies, get out the map and watch all those virtual videos that our travel partners have been working so hard on.

You don’t even have to head very far down the road. Travel can be the National Park an hour away. Just getting off the sofa and out of the house can provide a breath of fresh air and lift the spirits.

T is for This land

R is for Restoring the soul

A is for air, fresh air

V is for the view

E is for ever more to see and

L is for the Life you have to live!

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    I love the words defining travel! L…. L is for the Life you have to live! AMEN

  2. CLK

    Great job! Very much appreciate the fact that you are “leading by example”; i.e., FEARLESS!;D
    Excited about planning a trip to Islamorada in March of this year w/daughter; plus, GCs and my husband who just retired after 37 years of being a director/Sexton in city gov.
    II Tim. 1:7

    1. Cindy

      Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I’ve never been to Islamorada! I will have to check this out. Sounds like a wonderful family trip. I hope your husband enjoys his retirement!

  3. CLK

    You are so welcome and thanks for the very nice note regarding same. If you go, look up “Cruisin Tiki’s” for the sunset tour at Lorelai’s–went on 40TH Anniversary last year and had a great time w/only the two of us, but will take up to six on one outing…def. worth it!;D (I brought an iced tea from restaurant b/c they do not serve drinks on board.) Recommend “The Marathon Lady” for fishing too! We usually stay at OVI (Ocean View Inn) but, daughter booked at The Hampton Inn instead in Marathon which is closer to the boat.
    Best wishes/Blessings, Cathy