The Varmint Tree

The Tree was old and rotted.

It really should come down.

But I loved the branches spreading.

The way the light filtered through.

I couldn’t stand the thought of all those that lived there

Not having a place to go

The squirrels had their nest there.

The birds sang and squawked and squalled.

The barn cats dipped their paws into the trunk.

Looking for whatever varmints lived amongst the hollow trees.

Its’ dangerous

A nuisance

One day it may land on the house the husband said.

I disagreed although I knew he was right.

Until I learned this was where a skunk laid his or her smelly black and white head!

Although she found a new home

It changed my point of view.

The varmint tree needed to go.

It was a dangerous element.

A deterrent to the safety of the home

An insurance tick up for sure

A possum wiggling in and out.

A skunk with a stripe

Was one too many varmints.

For this wildlife loving country girl

Who likes to view her wildlife?

A little farther from my window.

So today the beautiful yet damaged

Varmint tree came down.

Varmint Tree

I can’t say I was too sad.

When I drove into the drive

And saw her hollowed out body.

Laying in logs

She will live again as a fire.

She will make my grandkids a great s’more and hotdog day

The varmint tree will live again.

Without the varmints in the way!

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