Civil War Soldier Boy – a Statue


I saw your solider statue today

At the Cumberland Sugar Creek cemetery

Where you stood so tall

Your back against the sun.

Boys, men, brothers, fathers and sons

A soldier, divided in thoughts, divided in devotions

Fought in a nation that was torn in two.

But you only wanted to ensure

Freedom for all and you did your job.

All you wanted

Sorrow, and devotion, come rain or shine

disease, bayonet or screaming mini balls whizzing by,

Was to come home after serving God and country

All in one piece

Back to Illinois

Where the prairie grass waved

and your sweetheart waited for you.

Note you can find this statue of the Civil War solider at Cumberland Cemetery near Auburn, Illinois. A Presbyterian Church built in 1824 was once located at the cemetery, it has since been torn down.

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