Virtual Tasting-Chamisal Vineyards

I wasn’t able to physically travel to San Luis Obispo. But, I was able to be part of a virtual wine tasting event with Chamisal Vineyards. UPS brought me a basket of small wine samples. The samples included, a chocolate lavender bar, a wine opener and cool candle all in a neat little crate. I was all set.

San Luis Obispo

On April 15th, several speakers shared information about San Luis Obispo. They shared that San Luis Obispo or SLO for short is an eco-friendly city. Molly Canos the Tourism Manager for the City said, “We have sunshine 310 days a year.”

Cal Poly State is located in the city, and the San Luis Obispo mission is the 5th oldest. Molly added the Mission is the heart of many community activities. The City, she explained has a wonderful farm to table scene. They have a great wellness scene as well. With numerous outdoor activities, it is easy to put health as a top priority

Other speakers shared how they are working with the city, its citizens, and schools to create a globally recognized sustainable city.

San Luis Obispo is an outdoor town. San Luis Obispo is located between Los Angeles and San Francisco. The town has been called “the Happiest City in America”. I would like to visit and see the Mission, the mountains, the bike paths and downtown!

Chamisal Vineyards

Chamisal Vineyards is located in the Edna Valley. Fintan “Fin” du Fresne is the winemaker and General Manager. Fin is originally from New Zealand. However, he said, he is loving life in California.

Fin led the virtual wine tasting talking about Chamisal Vineyards. “We are just five miles from the ocean,” Fin said.

Chamisal is also just 10 minutes from downtown San Luis Obispo. The cool climate and ocean breeze adds to the taste of their wines. Chamisal is SIP (Sustainability in Practice) certified. They use practices like composting, and roof top solar panels to follow SIP guidelines.

The Wine Tasting

We had four different wines to taste. Each wine has the name Califa as the first word. This word means
Beautiful One!” The first, Califa Chardonnay Fin said had aromas of honeysuckle and apricot. I found it nice and crisp. The second wine was Califa Pino Noir Fin said it had notes of Bing Cherry. I could taste the cherry and a bit of the “Chamisal spice”. The third wine was Califa Grenache with aromas of blueberry compote, black raspberrry and white pepper. This was my favorite. While I am not a connoisseur by any means I liked the way it cleared the palate and I thought this would be a delightful wine with a big steak!

The fourth and final wine was a Califa Syrah with several of the same tastes of the Grenache with a bit of cola and notes of dark chocolate and plum. This one was a bit strong for my taste, but I usually tend to lighter wines.

They offer tours at Chamisal Vineyards and they have an amazing story with the way they are growing grapes and following SIP guidelines. Fin said during COVID-19 that they were also growing vegetables for the local food bank. Chamisal sounds like a Vineyard that is not only ecologically minded, but also community minded.

I couldn’t go to the Edna Valley. But the Edna Valley came to us. Thank you from this writer for the opportunity to see sunshine and sip some fine wine! I hope to come in person one day!

One of my favorite winery visits was at Beachaven Winery in Clarksville, Tennessee. What have been your favorite winery visits?

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