Elkhart, IL Bound

Elkhart IL

A while back I headed to Elkhart, Illinois, a town with Abraham Lincoln history and Route 66 history too! The reason for heading to this town north of Springfield was for a celebration.

Dining and Shopping!

It was my friend Janna Seiz’s birthday. We decided lunch at the Wild Hare Cafe would be in order. We have been friends for so long we knew the quiche was the perfect dish, and that sharing the salads was the way to go. Lunch was perfect!

The murals on the walls make a wonderful backdrop. The food was delectable.

This beautiful mural shows some of the artwork in the Wild Hare Cafe.

The tea room is part of the Horsefeather’s Antique & Gift Shop. Besides dining, we enjoyed a short shopping foray before heading out and taking a gander around! Lots of fun stuff. The restaurant also offers Sunday specials that I want to try out one of these days.

I love the look of the historic town. We stopped in a couple of the fun shops although there is not a lot to choose from before heading to the War Memorial.

War Memorial

The War Memorial is a wonderful tribute to those that served. Located between two buildings, we had to stop and admire the World War II doughboy.

Elkhart Cemetery and Chapel

Choosing to check out the Elkhart Cemetery we followed the road to Elkhart Hill. There is so much history in this area. At the entrance to the cemetery is an official Looking for Lincoln stop with an interpretive panel giving information about the connection with Abraham Lincoln to Elkhart, through the Latham Family and Gillett Family. The Latham families built a double cabin here in 1818. Later they added the Kentucky House stagecoach stop in 1828. This is where Abraham Lincoln, David Davis, John Logan and Stephen Douglas, all riders of the 8th Judicial Circuit were well known. According to Richard Latham, it was here that Lincoln and Douglas first verbally sparred!

John D. Gillett was a short horn cattle baron and one of the developers of the town of Lincoln. He built the mansion on Elkhart Hill! He was a client and supporter of Abraham Lincoln.

Beautiful St. John the Baptist Chapel

As for the beautiful Chapel, according to the Destination Elkhart Logan County website, “As you travel through the Cemetery you will see the St.John the Baptist Chapel. This began as, and continues to be, a private chapel that dates back to 1890. It was built by Lemira Gillett in memory of her husband, John D. Gillett.”

A bit more

There is also a cool stone bridge and Oglesby history to be had in Elkhart as well! Janna and I enjoyed our little trip to Elkhart where we spent a fun afternoon! History, shopping and dining all mixed together, along with great company, what more can a girl ask for?

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